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Project Description
The Silverlight SEO Project is designed to simplify configuring sites that host Silverlight Navigation applications for search engine optimization, by providing html content to search engine crawlers and Silverlight to users with the plug-in installed.

Project Objectives:
  1. Provide a way to associate Silverlight Deep Links to a corresponding HTML version of a page and vice versa.
  2. Allow link mappings to be data driven.
  3. Provide a master page that will handle the redirection to the associated Silverlight link.
    1. Master page will also display the “Get Microsoft Silverlight” image link be default. This lets users know there is a Silverlight version of the site and shows them where to download the Silverlight Plug-In.
  4. Provide a Silverlight hosting page that will handle displaying a link to the HTML version of the page to users.
    1. Search engines will only be able to see a link to the default html page.
  5. Prevent search engines from indexing the page(s) that host the Silverlight content.
  6. Provide a swappable search engine sitemap handler, that can be used to submit to search engines.
  7. Demonstrate a basic example of how to share data driven content between Silverlight and HTML.

For a detailed walk through of this framework view this article: Setup Walk Through

An online demo of the concepts used in this project can be viewed here:


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